Exercise Iceberg


Last week I posted a picture that I saw posted by Ben Cormack. It was a similar iceberg about diet and health.  Ben kindly made one about exercise that expresses the same thought process.

Many people get hung up on “the right” exercise. The best exercise to lose weight. 5 exercises to get rid of back pain. The best glut exercise and so on.

In many cases its not the specific exercise that’s important.  Its the fact they you are moving, you are building up to more, hopefully finding something you enjoy, and are working toward your goals.  All these things are helpful in reducing pain.

When you have pain or are training to get more fit or healthier, these concepts are important. Its important to find something you enjoy and gives meaning to you, something you can stick with, something that you understand and can build up yourself if needed, and gets you where you want to go. Not so much doing exactly the right thing.




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