Concepts of Pain 3

conceptsof pain

The last couple of weeks I have been talking about pain and. This graphic above lists some things about pain that many people don’t know or understand. Knowledge of these concepts may help you make sense of your pain a bit more which can help in moving forward in your healing and life.

Today’s concept is pain does not equal the amount of tissue damage. You may assume that the more pain you experience the worse your injury is, or the worse the damage is.

Now sometimes this is true. Big injuries can cause a lot of pain for sure. But not always. The guy in the video below had a severe fractured leg. You can see that the other players and the fans watching had a much bigger reaction than he did. If you are squeamish maybe don’t watch.


You may have stubbed your toe and had severe pain and was sure it was broken, but a while later it was fine. Or think of a paper cut, how much it can hurt for a comparatively small injury.

These are a couple examples of how pain and tissue damage are related but not the same. This is important to know. As, when we are recovering from an injury and have pain, we tend to think if our pain is worse, we must be getting worse or have created new damage.   Many times our system is sensitized after an injury. When things that alter sensitivity occur like increased activity or physical load, poor sleep, stress, or worry, then our system may feel stuff more. Knowing this can allow us to better evaluate what is happening in our body or to our injury.

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