Healthy Habits



Found this graphic thanks to Ben Cormack today.  Most healthy habits are behaviors are not one magic bullet, but persistent, sustainable changes. Taking small steps consistently in the right direction is what makes us healthier.

Unfortunately, the things that sell are the “best diet”, “the easy way to weight loss” or “the trick”. As humans, this is easy to understand. Sustainable change is difficult to make. It all goes great until it doesn’t, and its easy to slip back into old ways and habits.

This graphic is about diet and weight loss. It could also pertain to exercise, building a training program, recovering from surgery, or pain management. The quick fixes and magic bullets are what we focus on. The “right” exercise to get me better. The “best” exercise to get me going. Its probably more important that you find things that you can do and sustain. Things that you enjoy and bring meaning to your life. If you can do that you are more likely to be persistent and get things done.

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