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When people are recovering from pain or an injury, most people want to know what to do to make things move a bit faster. I like to touch on all aspects of the biopsychosocial aspects of health when we talk about this. Of course things like the right amount of rest, doing your exercises, not doing things to soon, using ice etc.. are all helpful.  But, people don’t often consider the other things, their mental health and social life. When people are in pain or injured, lots of things change. You might be in bed or sitting around the house a lot recovering. Maybe you are off work. You can’t get outside and do your favorite activity here in the mountains. Social hour with your friends doesn’t happen. You aren’t being you. All these things are healthy activities that we use to cope with the difficulties and stresses of life and renew and refresh ourselves mentally and physically.

In relation to this, here is a link to an article about doctors in the UK prescribing nature to help with various health issues. We are more and more recognizing how needed activity and being out in the world are important to health, just as world puts us indoors with more difficult access. So weather you are healthy now, or recovering from an injury or in pain, finds ways to add some nature to your life, even if its different than normal.

Nature prescriptions

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