Exercise Past 50?


Recently there was an article going around social media about what exercise you shouldn’t do past 50. I am not going to link it, since it was ridiculous. Telling people we shouldn’t run, dead lift, squat, or do push ups past 50, among other things.

There are many beliefs and myths about aging. And being 50 myself I can’t imagine not being active and enjoying the outdoors. Many of these types of exercise can help keep us strong and able to enjoy many of the things we do. Unfortunately, many people take these negative messages to heart and stop doing stuff “because I am too old”.

Most anybody can do any type of exercise they want at any age. Just be sensible. If you haven’t been doing something build it up. If you have lost some capacity in strength, flexibility, or balance, work on those fundamental things to help you with those activities that require them. Most importantly, keep doing what you love and have fun.

The magazine came out with a new article after there was so much push back against the first one. Here it is.

Exercise after 50

Have fun out there. And, if you are unsure how to proceed with exercise or an injury is limiting you, give us a call at 970-949-9966 or email me t Keith@ascent-pt.co

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