5 Myths About Pain

In the past 20 years or so numerous research studies have changed the way we think about pain.  How it works and how it should be treated. Unfortunately this research is not very well understood by the general public and even many medical providers. This misunderstanding of pain can lead to misconceptions on what is causing pain and making an appropriate plan to help pain. So here are 5 commonly misunderstood myths about pain.  If you believe any of these about your pain, learning and understanding more about pain may give you a better path forward.

  1. Pain comes from a specific structure in your body, for example a joint, bone, or muscle.
  2. The amount of pain some is experiencing is directly related to the amount of structural damage or seriousness of an injury.
  3. Pain signals are sent from the body to the brain
  4. Pain is a completely physical experience, separate from thoughts or emotions
  5. Pain is in your head or psychosomatic if no physical injury or signs are present, for example negative scans or no obvious injury.

All of these are commonly held beliefs of people i have worked with in pain.  These beliefs can greatly affect how we understand pain and how pain affects us.  Over the next few posts we will see why these are myths and what that means for helping pain.

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