Exercise of the week: stretches for knee flexion

Our apologies for missing the previous 2 weeks of exercises due to some difficulty with the blog. This week, we will include 2 exercises. These exercises are both focused on improving knee flexion range of motion, or the ability to bend the knee.

The assisted knee flexion stretch is a more gentle way to improve flexion, and can be used when trying to regain this motion such as after surgery or injury. Sit in a chair and shift your weight forwards so that you bend the knee you want to stretch more. Use the opposite ankle to push the shin of the knee you are stretching further under the chair. Hold here.

The second stretch is a little more aggressive. On your hands and knees, rock your bottom back towards your heels, bending both knees. This should feel like a strong stretch, not sharp pain. Hold here.

As with all stretches, hold each of these a minimum of 30-60 seconds.

If you are unsure about whether you are ready for either of these, consult with your physician or physical therapist.


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