100 Exercises for 100 Posts


A couple of weeks ago we realized we were hitting our 100th post on this blog. We decided we would do a post of 100 exercises for our 100th post.  The exercises came quickly enough, but I have been neglectful and didn’t get these up right away.  So today I am going to post the first half of the 100. Next week we will post the 2nd half.  Now a disclaimer.  These are just a listing of a number of exercises, no pictures or descriptions.  We will be using these in our exercise of the week and explaining more about them over time.  This was just an exercise in seeing if we could come up with 100 for our 100th post.  It was actually fairly easy as there are hundreds if not thousands of exercises out there.  All with some utility for some people, or issues people have.

Here are the first 50. If  you want to know about an exercise that you are unfamiliar with just ask.


1.       Wall hamstring stretch

2.       Prone quad stretch

3.       Wall gastroc stretch

4.       Wall solueus  stretch

5.       Crossover hip stretch

6.       Figure 4 stretch

7.       Supine hip flexion (ktc)

8.       Prone hip extension (knee on towel roll)

9.       ½ kneel dorsiflexion stretch

10.   Standing wall IT band stretch

11.   ½ kneeling hip flexor stretch

12.   Prone hip internal rotation stretch

13.   Sitting adductor stretch (butterfly position)

14.   Standing quad stretch

15.   Standing hamstring (ankle on chair)

16.   Towel ankle dorsiflexion stretch

17.   Towel ankle inversion stretch

18.   Towel ankle eversion stretch

19.   Supine knee extension stretch

20.   Assisted knee flexion sitting

21.   Quadruped knee flexion stretch

22.   Hurdle stretch

23.   Sitting sciatic nerve sliders

24.   Prone pressups

25.   Supine 2 leg rotations

26.   Single leg stand

27.   SLS eyes closed

28.   SLS rotate head

29.   SLS Tilt head

30.   ½ kneel balance

31.   Kneeling balance

32.   Squat

33.   Chair squat

34.   Single leg sqat

35.   Heel raises

36.   Single leg heel raises

37.   Hip hinge standing

38.   Hip hinge kneeling

39.   Single leg deadlift to touch chair/floor

40.   Supine upper body rolling

41.   Supine lower body rolling

42.   Prone upper body rolling

43.   Prone lower body rolling

44.   Quadruped hip extension

45.   Quadruped shoulder flexion

46.   Birddogs

47.   Planks

48.   Side planks

49.   Quad sets

50.   Hamstring sets

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