Exercise of the Week: Mobility Series- Cervical

We are now showing a series of ways to improve or maintain cervical mobility. To learn how to assess your own neck mobility, check out our post from last week: https://ascentpt.wordpress.com/2014/02/13/how-is-your-neck-moving/

If you are limited in rotation, one way to work on this is to perform an exercise where you flex your neck (bringing the chin towards the chest) as much as possible. You can do this by placing 1-3 fingers vertically along your sternum and bring your chin to touch the top finger. Maintaining this flexed position, sweep the chin right and left as far as you can without pain.

This allows the lower part of the cervical spine to be “locked out,” while allowing the upper cervical spine to move. The upper cervical spine is where we get most of our rotation, and is often one of the main limiting factors in optimal rotation range of motion.

Maintaining the mobility of the upper cervical spine is important for neck movement and proper functioning of the muscles and joints further down the chain.

Next week we will have a special feature for the exercise of the week as we reach our 100th post!


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