Exercise of the Week: Mobility Series- Lumbar

The next body part in the mobility series that we will focus on is the lumbar spine.  More often it is thoracic mobility that people need, but lumbar mobility is important as well.  Often when you have a sensation of stiffness or generalized low back pain, lumbar mobility exercises can be helpful in reducing pain and decreasing the sensation of stiffness. One way to assess whether you have adequate lumbar mobility is similar to the thoracic mobility assessment.  Lay flat on your stomach and then press up onto your elbows. Put one behind your back and rotate upwards as far as possible. You should be able to rotate about 30 degrees on each side.


A simple exercise to improve or maintain your lumbar mobility is called cat/camel.  For this exercise, you position yourself on all fours with your hands directly under your shoulders and your knees under your hips.  Start with a neutral spine, and then tuck your tailbone under and press your spine so that it curves upwards.  Switch and allow your belly to drop, allowing your spine to curve in the opposite direction.

This is a great way to allow the spine to move without placing load on it.  It is effective in reducing stiffness and helping to give your spine healthy, stress-free motion.

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