Mirror Therapy



“This is part of our on-going series of how neurological rehabilitation can help with one’s recovery”

Mirror Therapy – what is this?

Mirror therapy is a strategy used to help individuals improve the use of their affected hemiparetic limb whether it is an arm or leg.  Typically mirror therapy is used mostly the upper extremity like arm and hands.    The theory behind mirror therapy is that the brain is rewiring cells in the sensory part of the brain.  Neuroplastic changes that take place in the sensory part of the brain may help restore the feeling of normal movement that is absent since the time of injury.

How it Works?

The  good limb is reflected in the mirror while the unaffected hand hides behind the mirror.  The refection of the unaffected hand makes it appear that both hands are moving normally.  This visual input fools the brain into believing that your affected arm is moving like is suppossed to.


Sit with a mirror into between both hands and practice moving both hands at the same time but look at the good limb.  You can do activitites like opening/closing hand, touching the thumb to the fingertips and bending/straightening the wrist.  The affected hand attempts to make the same movement as the unaffective hand.  In general, this activity is done at 15 minutes twice a day.

Try it out or let someone know about this to see if you make some new connections.

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