Fake Knee Surgery as Good as Real Procedure, Study Finds

An interesting new study…Talk to your PT before asking for the knife.

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Go Figure!  Researchers in Finland did a study, and the results are astounding. Here is a quote from the Wall Street Journal:

“A fake surgical procedure is just as good as real surgery at reducing pain and other symptoms in some patients suffering from torn knee cartilage, according to a new study that is likely to fuel debate over one of the most common orthopedic operations.”

Realize as you read this that the patient didn’t know if they had the surgery or not, so everyone got the rest, physical therapy and encouragement they would get following surgery, and they were followed for a year.  Turns out that the people who had the fake surgery had more pain for a while, but by the end of that year the results were EXACTLY the same! 

Click Here to read the whole article in the The Wall Street Journal…

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