Exercise of the week: Ski Conditioning Series- Lateral Trunk Stability

Last week, an exercise that emphasized postural control was featured. This week, we are featuring another exercise that emphasizes postural control, but this one emphasizes the lateral trunk (side of the body).

You can start this exercise by lying on your side on a bosu ball.

With your bottom knee bent for stability and your top knee straight with you inner foot on the ground, bend laterally at the waist and elevate your torso, avoiding any twisting.  Progress to the next phase when you can do this 3 x10 times, elevating the torso completely with no rotational motion.

The next phase is completely on a higher surface to increase the force of the trunk muscles required to complete the motion. You can use a cushion on a short bench.

After this, progress to a therapy ball, using the same strategy and movement.

This exercise is one that emphasizes lateral trunk control.  A lack of lateral trunk control, expressed as difficulty repositioning the trunk in response to a lateral perturbation (force from the side), was found to be a predictor of future ACL injury.

1. DeStasi S, Myer G, Hewett T. Neuromuscular training to target deficits associated with second anterior cruciate injury. Journal of Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy. 43(11):2013.

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