How Is Your Core Affecting Your Balance?


Last week we posted an article on whether you could stand solidly on one leg.  Well what does that mean if you can’t?  A number of things can affect your single leg stance.  These include your visual system, your vestibular system, your lower extremity mobility, your lower extremity strength, proprioception, and you your core stability and motor control.  It is important to determine which systems are contributing to your balance issue otherwise you may spend time training the wrong system.

Today we will talk about  one of those, how to look at your core stability and motor control.  One easy way to look at this is to get in the half kneeling position. Put one knee on the ground and the other foot up in a lunge position ( see picture below).  It is okay to put a pad under your knee if kneeling makes it sore.  It is important to have a narrow base of support for this test, so make sure your front foot is in line with your down knee.  Once you are in position bring your torso up tall.  Once you are there are you well balanced? Or are you shaky or having difficulty keeping upright? If you are solid, move your arms up and down do you stay solid?  Check this on both sides.


If you have difficulty maintaining your balance this could mean you are having an issue with your core or hip stability and motor control.  The is position eliminates your ankles and feet and because you are still having difficulty we know at least a portion of your single leg stance issue comes from your hip and/or core.  A simple activity to improve this is just getting in half kneeling periodically as an exercise.  You should notice this getting easier.  Once it does you can challenge your self with upper body exercises in this posture.  If your half kneeling improves, but you continue to have difficulty with single leg stance you may have another issue contributing also, which we will talk about later.


If you have questions about balance or any other physical issues give us a call in Avon, Colorado at 970-949-9966 or Eagle, CO 970-328-5230

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