Ski Conditioning Class

Ascent Physical Therapy will be teaming up with the Avon Recreation Center this fall to help you get the best out of your ski conditioning.  Ascent PT will be doing Free Functional Movement Screens (FMS) starting 10/8/13 for participants in the Avon Rec’s ski conditioning classes .  The FMS is a screen to help determine if you have any areas of concern for injury or an elevated risk for injury.  If you do have a positive screen we are able to do a more detailed assessment to see what you can do to improve your function and avoid injury.  Carrie Eckenhoff DPT will be providing information at the initial classes this week Tuesday 10/1 at 5:15 and Thursday 10/3 also at 5:15.  If you are unable to attend call us at 970-949-9966 in our Avon Clinic and we will find another time that works for you.


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