Have You Tried Laser For Your Pain?


Cold Laser or Low Level Light Therapy is a modality which helps stimulate cellular reproduction.  That means it can help your injured cells and tissues repair more quickly after trauma.  It can help speed healing, reduce inflammation, and improve pain and function.  It can help issues such as tendinitis, carpal tunnel, arthritis pain among others.

Ascent Physical Therapy is offering a FREE LASER Clinic Tuesday September 24 from 4pm-7pm.  During the clinic you can get a free laser treatment and learn about how laser works and about your condition.  If you have been interested in Laser this is a great way to learn some more about it.

Give us a call at our Avon, CO clinic at 970-949-9966 or our Eagle, CO clinic 970-328-5230 and schedule your free laser session today.

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